By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

RALEIGH, N.C. — You know when Republicans are running scared when they start Flip-Flopping on their core issues. That seems to be the case with a North Carolina Republican legislator who is looking to be re-elected to his seat in the North Carolina legislature, is now reversing his hardcore stance on the Anti-LGBT Law by saying now that he is for repealing House Bill 2 Anti-LGBT Law.

The controversial law he voted for previously puts limits LGBT protections.

rep-chris-malone-calls-for-repeal-anti-lgbt-lawA recent campaign email from from Rep. Chris Malone (R) of Raleigh (Pictured Right),  claims now that House Bill 2 is “costing Wake County and North Carolina too much money”. Malone further states in his email that he supports adding anti-discrimination language to state law.

In fact on Wednesday October 26, Malone decided last month (after reviewing the polls), that the current laws on the books prior to House Bill 2, exists already and that the Anti-LGBT legislation was a distraction.

Could it be because of the fall out from the law’s passage?

Malone’s Democratic opponent Terence Everitt’s campaign called his Republican opponent’s statement nothing more than a political calculation. Thanks to the Trump campaign and the backlash from businesses across the country, several GOP legislators who were for the law, went on cable news to endorse the law, are now calling for House Bill 2 to be repealed.



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