‘US Army’ has been moving over the past several weeks to quietly discharge immigrant recruits and reservists who enlisted through the USCIS program that promised immigrant service members a path to US citizenship.

Several immigrant service members told the Associated Press that they weren’t told why they were being discharged from the ‘US Army’ while others told AP that the Army told them they’d been labeled as “Security Risks” due to the fact that they have relatives abroad or because their background checks were still in pending status.

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The AP, Reuters and JRL CHARTS were unable to get an accurate number on how many service members who had enlisted through the USCIS immigrant recruitment program have been booted out of the U.S Army because of their immigrant status however, immigration attorneys nationwide have stated that they were aware of more than 40 enlistees who have been discharged from the ‘US Army’ over the past several weeks.

We reached out to the press office at the Pentagon but were told that they have no comment on the matter due to there being a pending lawsuit that was filed over the Trump administration’s new policy.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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