‘Ukraine Police’ made more than 150 arrests of right wing groups who had intentions of blocking the route of Kiev Pride Parade that took place on Sunday morning. Thanks to the diligent police officers in attendance, the far-right protesters failed to accomplish their anti-LGBT hate agenda.

Ukrainian Police in riot gear cleared the way of right wing protesters just before the parade was scheduled to begin. Police quickly took into custody a total of 56 demonstrators which some were allegedly throwing gas canisters at police officers.

Kiev Pride Parade 2018

A spokesperson for the Ukraine police said…“Several men who resisted and used gas canisters against law enforcement officers were detained,” said the spokesperson.

According to police, the alt-right group known as ‘C14 Alt-Right Group’, claimed that riot police attacked them with tear gas and batons. “Look at how they protect ‘sexual minorities’ and violate the rights of regular Kiev citizens,” the C14 Alt-Right Group wrote on their Facebook.

According to LGBT activists in Ukraine, police have made it a point to increase their visibility at Kiev Pride events since 2015 when violent attacks were done upon the PRIDE parade participants. Ever since that horrific attack, Kiev Pride festivals have been protected with heavy police presence.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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