‘H.R. 4655’, the bill that bans sex dolls that resemble children, passed unanimously in the U.S. House of Representatives and is expected to easily pass the Senate very soon. The ‘Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedolphilic Robots Act’ passed the chamber on Wednesday with the support from both parties. This legislation is one that is seriously needed in this reporter’s opinion. H.R 4655 will prohibit the import of childlike sex dolls, mannequins and robots.

Talk about a story that comes right out of Sci-Fi land, the Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedolphilic Robots Act would be the first law ever passed that prevents selling and distributing of child sex dolls, mannequins and robots in the United States.

“There is a correlation between possession of the obscene dolls, and robots, and possession of and participation in child pornography,” reads H.R. 4655.

With the technology available today, adult consumers are able to customize their sex dolls (at a high price) that can include false eyelashes, wigs and hair pieces, settings to change facial expressions on your human looking robot. You even have controversial settings that can be programmed into robots that simulate rape expressions.

In fact according to testimony on the ‘Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedolphilic Robots Act’ hearings, it was revealed that sex robots were being imported from China, Hong Kong and Japan and are labeled as clothing mannequins or models in order to avoid detection by custom agents.

The sponsor of H.R. 4655 Rep. Dan Donovan (R-N.Y.), released a statement following the passage of the ‘Realistic Exploitative Electronic Pedolphilic Robots Act’:

“Right now, a few clicks on a computer can allow a predator to order a vile child sex doll. This is not only disturbing ― but also endangers the most innocent among us,” Donovan said. “Once an abuser tires of practicing on a doll, it’s a small step to move on to a child.”

Now with every political issue, there are two sides to every argument. In act there currently several U.S. – based adult sites that sell childlike sex dolls. To the surprise of many, Amazon at one time sold childlike sex dolls but announced recently that the company will no longer offer their customers anatomically loaded child sex dolls.

Now advocates for childlike sex dolls claim that the dolls provide a safe outlet for pedophiles. In fact Psychologist and sexologist Michael Seto of the University of Toronto, compared childlike sex robots and mannequins for pedophiles to methadone treatment for heroin addicts. “For some pedophiles, access to artificial child pornography or to child sex dolls could be a safer outlet for their sexual urges, reducing the likelihood that they would seek out child pornography or sex with real children,” Seto told The Atlantic in 2016. “For others, having these substitutes might only aggravate their sense of frustration.” said Dr. Seto.

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H.R. 4655

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer


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