By: Jack MacNamara, Staff Writer

LONDON — Outrage worldwide after two 16 year-old’s committed an alleged gay hate crime on a 19 year-old.  The two teens were arrested after a teenager was forced to apologize for being gay during a London Underground attack.  The two teens were taken into custody on Tuesday on suspicion of assault!

According to police, the 19-year-old victim was on a westbound Jubilee line train between West Ham and North Greenwich back on Oct. 21 around 11 a.m. The victim and his friends were wearing fancy dress for an event they were attending when two youths got on the train at West Ham and approached them. According to witnesses and police, the first assailant pulled the 19 year-old victim from his seat into a headlock, strangling him.

The second male took the victim’s cellphone and began verbally abusing him. He also threatened to stab the 19 year-old. They demanded the victim apologize for being gay, which he eventually did while he was struggling to breath. After apologizing for being gay, the two males let him go and returned his cellphone to the victim.

A fight then broke out between the victim’s friends and the offenders, leaving a 25-year-old woman with bruising after she was punched and pushed to the ground. The teenager was not injured.

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