29 07, 2020

Trump says Suburbanites Will ‘No Longer Be Bothered’ by ‘Low Income’ People or Crime

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WASHINGTON D.C. — (07-29-20) — President Donald Trump has eliminated former President Obama's 'Fair Housing Rule' Act and then said....Suburbanites Will No Longer Be Bothered by Low Income people and Crime". Immediately following his tweet and statement repeating the outrageous comments during a campaign stop in Texas today, the president drew immediate backlash from Democrats [...]

17 07, 2020

Putin Orders Crack down on LGBTQ+ People in Russia

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MOSCOW — (07-17-20) — Russia's president Vladimir Putin is moving forward with targeting LGBTQ people over protests, same-sex marriage and gay adoption. Putin promised during his last presidential campaign to crackdown on the LGBTQ community and now he is ready to put that promise to work. “The bill ends the practice of marriage between persons [...]

29 06, 2020

Trump denies knowing of Russia bounty on US Soldiers

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WASHINGTON D.C. — (06-29-20) — Donald Trump on Sunday denied being briefed on a Russian military intelligence unit secretly offering cash to Taliban militants who successfully attacked US Soldiers and coalition partners in Afghanistan. Trump said the intelligence about the Russian plot to offer bounties to Taliban militants in exchange for attacking coalition troops in [...]

27 05, 2020

Trump’s Favorite Poll Shows Nose Dive – Down 15 Points in 3 Weeks

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WASHINGTON D.C. — (05-27-20) — President Donald Trump exploded in the White House on Wednesday when he got the bad news that his favorite polling news organization, shows his net approval rating nose dive in their latest two surveys. Trump's absolute go to Pollster, Rasmussen daily tracking poll, shocked the commander n' chief  as they [...]

13 02, 2020

Trump says He Would Vote for Gay Candidate for President

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WASHINGTON, D.C. — (02-13-20) — President Donald Trump says that he would vote for a Gay candidate for president. That is hilarious considering this is the same man who has attacked the LGBTQ community at every turn. In an interview Thursday with Roadkill With Geraldo Rivera, Trump claims that he would be open to voting [...]

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