23 01, 2023

XR Brands streets ‘Lovebotz Saddle Pro Sex Machine’

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NEW YORK, NY — (01-23-23) (PR-JRL CHARTS) — XR Brands is proud to present the Saddle Pro Sex Machine from their popular Lovebotz line. Built to be durable and handle up to 485 pounds of weight, the Saddle Pro offers long-lasting pleasure with no fear of getting too wild or rough for the machine to [...]

16 02, 2022

XR Brands Unveils ‘Milker’ Auto-Masturbators by LoveBotz

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HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA — (02-16-22) — XR Brands has announced two new auto-masturbators from their popular LoveBotz line: the Auto Milker 15X Sucking Masturbator and the Milker Pro Edition. These masturbators combine the power of suction and the sensuality of stroking to bring users to orgasm in a way that is unique in the automatic [...]

25 03, 2019

Sex Toy Distributing Streets Cock Lock Dildos for Sex Machines

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HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA — (03-25-19) — Sex Toy Distributing has confirmed they are now shipping its Cock Lock Dildos from the LoveBotz series. The new Cock Lock Dildo are the latest addition to the LoveBotz series of sex machines and accessories. “Cock Lock insertables are versatile, easy to use, and priced to sell. According to Sex [...]

11 06, 2018

Super Milker Deluxe Stroker Machine Debuts from XR Brands

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'Super Milker Deluxe Stroker Machine' is an upgraded version of the masturbation machine from 'Lovebotz' that combines the power of suction and the sensuality of stroking, is now shipping from 'XR Brands'. “The Super Milker Automatic Deluxe Stroker Machine by Lovebotz is a one-of-a-kind sensation-maker and provides users something different from the usual up-and-down stroking [...]

27 09, 2017

Adult Stores Set to Stock Next Gen’ iFuk VR Stroker by LoveBotz

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By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA — After so much anticipation, the illustrious XR Brands is now shipping its improved 'iFuk VR Stroker' from Lovebotz, a virtual reality-inspired sex toy. According to XR Brands sales division, now that the updates which include new free porn scenes and a more comfortable headset, the iFuk [...]

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