17 09, 2022

LGBTQ Activists in Belgrade Vow to March Despite EuroPride Ban

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BELGRADE — (09-17-22) — Anti-LGBTQ activists' tensions are mounting in Belgrade as LGBTQ activists promised to stage a EuroPride march today in the Serbian capital despite a government ban. The interior ministry banned the EuroPride march earlier this week citing security concerns after right-wing terrorist groups threatened to hold protests. The conservative ruled Balkan country [...]

10 09, 2022

Serbian President Explains Cancellation of EuroPride

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BELGRADE — (09-10-22) — The international EuroPride parade and festival that was scheduled to be held in Belgrade this year, is still on being put on hold by Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic.  The Serbian leader reiterated on Saturday that safety concerns are the reason for his decision. The security situation regarding the march of LGBTQ [...]

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