3 01, 2019

New York City Nonbinary Gender Option Law Goes Into Effect

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LGBT POLITICS — (01-03-19) — History has been made as New York City begins enacting its new law allowing the choice of "X" to the list of gender identity on birth certificates.  That's right, New York City joins the growing list of U.S. cities and states that are offering residents a third gender option on [...]

13 12, 2018

Israel Supreme Court: Historic Ruling In Favor of Gay Parents

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JERUSALEM, ISRAEL — (12-13-18) — Israel Supreme Court of Justice made history yesterday ruling that gay parents names must be allowed to be added on to their child's birth certificate. This was a major victory for the LGBTQ community as Israel’s High Court ruled that the government has not jurisdiction to refuse to list both [...]

26 06, 2017

Supreme Court Rules Gay Couples Entitled to Equal Treatment on Birth Certificates

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By: Paul Goldberg, Staff WRiter WASHINGTON D.C — The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Monday to reaffirmed its 2015 decision recognizing a constitutional right for same-sex marriage, ruling that states can not treat married same-sex couples differently from others in issuing birth certificates. As expected, the only dissents in the unsigned ruling were Justice Neil [...]

10 12, 2016

Arkansas’ Supreme Court Blocks Birth Certificates for LGBT Couples

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By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer Court Says State Can Legally Refuse To List Non-Birth Mother LITTLE ROCK, ARK - The Supreme Court of Arkansas refused to overturn a conservative law which allows discrimination against married Gay and Lesbian couples who wish to have both names on the birth certificates of their children. Last Thursday the [...]

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