The StraightBoyz gay porn site was shut down and owner, Bryan Deneumostier, indicted for allegedly having sex with a minor at the time of his arrest as well as being charged with Surreptitiously Producing and Distributing Pornographic Audio and Video Recordings of Himself Engaged in Sexual Activity with Others.

He is alleged to have filmed on cam entire sexual encounters without the consent of the male participants who thought they were there to hookup with a woman. Little did they know they were being serviced by a gay man!

Deneumostier was arrested earlier this month for having sex with a minor at a hotel near his home. According to police, they found lubricant, leather handcuffs as well as a whip when they raided the room. Officials further said that Bryan Deneumostier allegedly admitted having spent several days drinking, drugging and having sex with the minor boy.

Not only that but Bryan Deneumostier has been charged with two counts of illegal interception of oral communication and three counts of 2257 record-keeping violations pertaining to the operation of the StraightBoyz gay porn site.  For those of you who had not had the privilege of watching some of Deneumostier’s work, the gay porn site offered videos of straight men being tricked into accepting sex acts. The one thing that surprised me as that anyone who has never met a person before, would allow themselves to be blindfolded while the sex acts are performed on them.

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Allegedly Bryan Deneumostier got into the act and was able to fool quite a few alleged victims as he appeared to them as a drag queen pretending to be the woman offering anonymous sex. Not only that but Deneumostier went so far as to allegedly reassure the unsuspecting apprehensive straight men that he or should I say, she, was not filming them with any electronic equipment, according to the indictment.

Assistant Attorney General Brian A. Benczkowski of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division, U.S. Attorney Benjamin G. Greenberg for the Southern District of Florida, and Special Agent in Charge Mark Selby of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) Miami Field Office, released the following statement:

Florida Man Arrested for Surreptitiously Producing and Distributing Pornographic Audio and Video Recordings of Himself Engaged in Sexual Activity with Others

A Homestead, Florida, man was arrested on an indictment yesterday, stemming from charges that he surreptitiously produced pornographic audio and video recordings of himself engaging in sexual activity with multiple men and then caused the videos to be posted on one or more subscription-based pornography websites without their knowledge or consent.

Bryan Deneumostier, 32, also known by the screen name “susanleon33326,” was charged in a five-count indictment in the Southern District of Florida with two counts of illegal interception of oral communications and three counts of record keeping violations.

The indictment, which was unsealed July 18, references three victims whose identities are being withheld to protect their privacy. Without two of the referenced victims’ knowledge or consent, Deneumostier allegedly recorded his sexual encounters with them, and then caused these videos to be posted on one or more websites. These two allegedly non-consensual recordings form the basis of the surreptitious-recording charges. The indictment further alleges that Deneumostier was a producer of pornography, used performers portrayed in a visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct, and did not ascertain the performers’ identification or age, as required by federal law.

Any individuals who believe they might be a victim are encouraged to contact HSI at (866) 347-2423.

The investigation is being conducted by HSI. Senior Trial Attorney Mona Sedky of the Criminal Division’s Computer Crime and Intellectual Property Section and Assistant U.S. Attorney Cary Aronovitz of the Southern District of Florida are prosecuting the case.

According to the indictment, the alleged victimized men thought they were going to a South Miami-Dade house for casual sex with a bored housewife, but many later found their trysts uploaded to the site.

StraightBoyz gay porn site has been shut down for some time, but many of the clips allegedly shot by Deneumostier are still circulating on Free Gay porn sites. The indictment also alleges that there may have been more than 600 men who were taped engaging in gay sexual acts without their consent.

Now, after all of that, anyone who regularly visits free gay porn sites in search of str8 gay blowjobs have undoubtedly watched several of his scenes and I have to ask you!  Do you honestly believe that these so called straight men didn’t know they were receiving a blowjob from a man? Honestly! CLICK HERE TO REVIEW SOME OF THE CACHED SCREEN SHOTS

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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