By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

SEATTLE, WA — Kheper Games, Inc. has confirmed  the official launch of its raunchy party game, Acts of Insanity.   According to the R&D division at Kheper, the Acts of Insanity adult game is designed for 4-12 players and brings hours of offensive adult fun.

Acts of Insanity is the crazy party game for crazy people that combines the company’s Adult Charades with raunchy question and answer via game card style games.   Players divide into teams of two and take turns selecting adult scenarios for the other team to act out. The player who receives the scenario has two minutes to get his team to guess what the mini-story is all about. If the team guesses the scenario correctly, they win a point and 10 points wins the game.

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Where the fun (and humor) comes in is in the content of the cards that describe aspects of the adult scenarios. Each team takes five of each type of card to review: Character Cards, Action Cards, and Location or Object Cards. The team selects an entertaining scenario using one card of each type, such as “A Horror Film Killer”,  “Breast Feeding”,  “A Fresh Unwiped Ass” or similar and gives it to the opposing team’s player who is taking the turn. That player can then act and speak anything he (or she) wishes, except the words on the card, his (or her) team must first guess the character, then the action, and finally the location or object.

We are very pleased to present this original game idea while witnessing a huge jump in interest in adult party games lately,” explained CEO Brian Pellham. “We strive to offer new, fun and exciting ideas with clever twists on core game concepts, in all the games we create. The amazing reception this game received at ANME last weekend shows that people are ready for something new in adult games.” said Pellham.

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