By: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

Once again Kheper Games, Inc. brings retailers and consumers an adult card game that is sure to not only provide profits for retailers but also deliver total enjoyment from adult consumers with its new “Let’s F*ck! Card Game”.

The company is excited to announce the official launch of their new sex card game, Let’s F*ck!. In fact, the new game joins their highly successful Let’s F*ck! collection that includes a board game, dice, and coupon set.

The “Let’s F*ck! Card Game” encourages couples to try new f*cking experiences. Now here is the kicker, Kheper tales us that theree are 24 winning scenario possibilities that can be combined together to make one of 250,000 possible fantasies.

Examples include “Let’s F*ck in the Shower,” “Let’s Fool Around Outdoors,” “Let’s F*ck on a Kitchen Counter,” and “Let’s Use Bondage Equipment.”  Plus the R&D division at Kheper further states that within each Let’s F*ck! deck are rules for three games. In F*ck Fortunes, you reveal a fortune for your lover by dealing out cards until you reveal five matching scenarios, and then the fortune recipient selects three to act out.

In “Match & F*ck”, each player has a hand of cards and strives to match scenarios for the couple to act out, and the first to run out of cards, wins.  Finally, in “Personal F*ck Questions”, players take turns asking each other personal questions and awarding cards for correct answers.  For example, “What is my favorite sex toy?”  The first player to receive a match, wins, and as with all other game wins, gets to interpret how the winning scenario is acted out.

“If it seems like I am trying to say the word ‘F*ck’ as much as possible, I am!” explains CEO Brian Pellham.  “Seriously though, this line has been very successful for us because it gets to the point quickly. said Pellham.

Men especially appreciate that this brand is about F*cking and not quite so much about foreplay.  After all, sometimes it’s good to just get to the point!”  Let’s F*ck! Card Game is in English, Spanish, German and French.

Retailers can order the latest addition to the Let’s F*ck! collection by contacting your sales representative at 877-426-3755 | 206-782-2201 | Fax: 206-706-1977 | | | Facebook | Twitter

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