By: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

ORLANDO, FL — The man many refer to as a domestic terrorist, Craig Jungwirth, yes, the same man in  Orlando who was once accused of threatening to “exterminate” gay people in the Wilton Manors community.

In court on Jan. 9, Craig Jungwirth was given a six months sentence of probation for failing to pay all of a food and drink bill at the Courtyard Cafe in Wilton Manors back in 2014.  On top of that he was given another six months of probation for vandalism at the Rumors Bar & Grill located at 2426 Wilton Dr, in May of 2016.

According to the law, these two charges are misdemeanors which only carry a maximum possible sentences of 6 months to a year in county jail.  Broward County Judge Ginger Lerner-Wren said in his ruling, “Jungwirth likely would have been sentenced to time served even if he had been tried and convicted.”

After the terrorist attack at the Pulse Nightclub which last summer which took the lives of 49 people and the constant threats that nightclubs and restaurants that cater to the LGBT community are receiving on a daily basis, the judge, in this reporter’s opinion, should have been sentenced to far more time than the simple two misdemeanor counts and you ask why?

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50 year-old Craig Jungwirth was on the radar from federal prosecutors who accused him of using one of dozens of Facebook accounts he has to threaten a mass shooting attack similar to the Pulse nightclub massacre in Orlando last June.

However in early December of 2016, federal prosecutors were admitting behind closed doors that their case was weak and was in large part based on a screen shot of the alleged threat that appeared to have been originally uploaded by Craig Jungwirth. Investigators were unable to track down the actual threat post.  Even though it was known that this man had ties to 59 Facebook accounts, they still felt for some reason that they could not win.




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