By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

Last Minute Anxiety Threatens A Young Gay Couple’s First threesome

Tri-Curious (2017) is the fresh new Gay short comedy film that is already capturingthe buzz on gay blogger websites and mainstream movie critic review columns across the country.  The genius behind “Tri-Curious” (2017), Matt Guerin, whom you will remember from his films “The Golden Pin” (2009) and “Friends In the Park” (2014), brings a masterpiece that is sure to capture the attention of major film distributors as well as cable/TV licensing distributors very soon.

Actors Trevor Ketcheson (Nate), Rob Salerno (Alan), and Michael Went (Malik) star in this comedy drama that takes you into the world of a young gay male couple preparing for their first threesome together when one half of the pair suffers an anxiety attack and wants to cancel. Trouble is, it’s 20 minutes until their “guest” is set to arrive at their apartment.

Cast: Trevor Ketcheson | Rob Salerno | Michael Went |

Genres: Gay Short Film | Comedy | Romance | Short

Produced, Written and Directed by: Matt Guerin

Associate Producers: Jefferson Darrell | Tom Yarith Ker

Production Co: Matt Guerin Films

Runtime: 8 Minutes

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