By: Michael “The Sizzler” Jacobs, Staff Writer

LAS VEGAS, NV — We are all hoping that gay adult film star and LGBT activist “Jake Kelly Bass”,  recovers quickly from his horrific skiing accident that took place several days ago.

Superstar Jake Bass went skiing and attempted to do an impersonation of the openly gay Olympic freestyle skier “Gus Kenworthy“. Things didn’t go quite as planned.

Bass is no stranger to taking bold moves on the ski slopes as you will remember when last year when he attempted another ski stunt that almost cost the young superstar’s life.

Thenplatesandboltsareneeded. #bionic #skiing #watchurself #nervs #fit #operation

A photo posted by Jacob K. Bass (@itsjakebass) on

Bass shared his post-accident photo taken at the hospital to his followers on Instagram.  Needless to say, the response was swift and major.

Jake stated that his broken arm would need plates and bolts. By the way, he still looks gorgeous even in the hospital with a broken arm!  The staff and management of JRL CHARTS wish Jake a quick and speedy recovery.




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