Eldorado confirmed to our newsroom the release of the 4th article in its retailer case study series, this time focusing on ‘Suit Your Fancy’ adult boutique located at 280 2nd Ave E N,Kalispell, MT.

According to the multi-award winning distributor’s publicity division, these articles, published in the multi-award winning distributor’s ‘Edge monthly newsletter’, are designed to provide readers with an in-depth look at the beneficial impact of partnering with Eldorado and the influence this partnership has on the adult retail business.  With Eldorado at the helm retailers, you know that you are going to have the support to help you expand your reach in customer base and revenue generating mechanisms.

Eldorado’s publicity spokesperson “Allison Travers told JRL CHARTS…“Each case study dives deeper into the challenges retailers face in their day-to-day experience and show how working with Eldorado has helped their customers turn those challenges into greater opportunity.” said Travers.

‘Suit Your Fancy’ was the focus of the November 2017 Edge case study!

Allison Travers added…“The ‘Suit Your Fancy’  adult boutique works closely with their Eldorado account manager to gain knowledge on the multitude of toys and accessories available to them and how to pick the right products for their store,” the spokesperson explains. “Suit Your Fancy also takes advantage of the educational opportunities Eldorado has to offer customers such as the in-house Elevation events and the Elevate U e-learning program so they can be more in tune to what their customers need.  Eldorado has completed 10 case studies so far, releasing them on a monthly basis and calling them an “innovative resource offering incomparable content.” concluded Travers.

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Retailer can get more information contact one of their veteran account representatives at their mega headquarters toll-free 1+800-525-0848 | International Calls: 1+303-444-4622 | B2B Site | Elevate-U | EMAIL | Facebook | Twitter | YouTube.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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