The JRL CHARTS Gay DVD Movie charts define the best in gay erotica across the Gay adult film industry and are most recognized and quoted in the world. The Top Hot 50 chart’s is the most coveted that has become the ultimate marker of a Gay Adult DVD’s success, respectively domestically and worldwide.

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Fees for Licensing JRL CHARTS:

Here are the licensing fees for use of the Hot 50 Chart | Top 50 BDSM Chart and EU Top 25 Chart represented by JRL CHARTS:


Licensing fees permit use of the Gay DVD Charts owned by JRL CHARTS for stated term and must be paid upon term expiration for continued use.

Definitive dates determining term of use will be outlined in a purchase agreement.
Licensing fees are net flat fees based on usage type.
All JRL CHARTS’ movie charts carry individual licensing fees. See below for logo pricing.


* 5 yr. Blogs, online stores, brick & mortar stores
(Includes on-demand services, and common Carriers, In-flight, Cruise Ships, Trains, & Buses) = $1,000
*5 yr. All Media – (Includes TV, in-context promotional rights, and internet streaming) = $1,500
*10 yr. All Media – (Includes TV,in-context promotional rights, and internet streaming) = $2,150
*In Perpetuity All Media (TV, in-context promotional rights,internet streaming) = $3,500
Licensing Questions (Other Chart usage, JRL CHARTS Promotional Materials or other content)

*Some projects may be eligible for volume discounts or preferred rates. Your licensing agent will help you determine if you qualify.


JRL CHARTS’ movie charts expire after the term from the time they are licensed.
On the dates the Charts expire, Chart artwork is no longer available for licensing.
If a charts’s expiration date falls during a brand’s license term, the brand may continue to use the chart until the term end date listed on the brand’s Purchase Agreement.