Broke Straight Boys Model Tyler White, has passed away at the age of 25, Broke Straight Boys Productions’ veteran producer Shannon Prewitt confirmed Tuesday. Prewitt, chief operating officer for the ‘Broke Straight Boys’ (BSB) gay network’s parent company, Blu Media, said in a press statement that Tyler White died on June 4 at his home in the northeast of the USA.

Shannon Prewitt told AVN Magazine…“It’s something we’re pretty sad about because he was a wonderful person. Some people have true illnesses that they just can’t seem to get away from. Unfortunately, it just got the best of him.” Prewitt told AVN.

Tyler White Dies at 25

Tyler White made his debut in the gay adult film industry with the online gay porn network, Broke Straight Boys in early 2014, where he performed in more than 20 gay erotica scenes over a 10 months. White also participated in touring the country with ‘Broke Straight Boys’ Network for a series of Pride events.

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“The Broke Straight Boys Official Youtube Channel brings you an exclusive look into a day with porn star Tyler White. Get to know our newest, and hottest sensation intimately including what he thinks about while doing one of his hot porn scenes. Tyler takes over the mansion and things will never be the same.”

“He and I got really close,” added Prewitt. “He was one of my main tour people. He was a good guy. Unfortunately, he had some demons. Our members are certainly heartbroken. They do feel like they get to know the guys. I definitely saw something in him, but we had to part ways.” concluded Prewitt.

While it has been several years since Tyler White performed for the ‘Broke Straight Boys’ network, he did perform occasionally for other gay porn sites.

Article by: William Lopez, Staff Writer

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