By: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Gay adult film superstar Brent Corrigan and Skyy Knox, deliver a steamy flip-fuck scene in the finale of the big budget blockbuster hit sequel, Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 [2017].

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Synopsis: Earthbound: Heaven to Hell 2 – Scene 6
Rogue (Skyy Knox) was a sex slave, but he turned his back on his master, The Devil and became Earthbound. After stumbling into a crowded bar, Rogue finds his personal angel: Lucky (Brent Corrigan), an angelic gogo dancer. It’s true love at first sight, and the power of their love frees Rogue from his enslavement by the Devil. Rogue, overwhelmed with gratitude, kisses Lucky passionately. Removing their clothing, Lucky wraps his lips around Rogue’s huge cock. Switching places, Rogue slathers spit along the shaft of Lucky’s cock, then uses his fingers to probe inside Lucky’s tight hole, then gives Lucky a taste. Lucky throws his legs in the air, and Rogue presses his face between Lucky’s ass cheeks.

Flipping places, Lucky reciprocates. Sliding his tongue along Rogue’s crack, then rubbing his cock right down the center. Slowly at first, then picking up speed, Lucky starts fucking Rogue doggy style. Their hard muscles flex and bend as they grind their bodies together. As Lucky lays back on the bed, Rogue uses his powerful legs to raise and lower himself on Lucky’s hard cock. Standing up by the side of the bed, Rogue drives his hard member into Lucky. The incredible sensations of Rogue’s cock inside him gets Lucky ready to blow. He strokes his cock and cums into Rogue’s mouth, who then snowballs it back to Lucky with slow, tender kisses. Kneeling over Lucky’s face, Rogue shoots his load right into Lucky’s open mouth.

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Cast: Brent Corrigan | Skyy Knox

Genres: anal Sex | bodybuilder | butt play | oral sex | foreskin | rimming | tattoos

Directed by: Chi Chi LaRue

Assistant Directors: Tony Dimarco | mr. Pam

Produced by: Tim Valenti

Production co: Falcon Studios

Distributors: FSG | Dusedo | IVD | SpringTownDVD | Vimpex Media

Country: USA

Language: English

Wholesale Release date: April 28, 2017

Street Date: May 5, 2017

Retailers and wholesale distributors can get ordering information by contacting John Gunderson at the Falcon Studios Group headquarters 1-415-864-2797 | | | Facebook | Twitter

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