By: William Lopez, Staff Writer

The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) has released a statement calling for a moratorium on all adult film productions until further notice due to a positive case of HIV of a performer.

Review the Official APAC Statement:

“Due to an adult industry performer testing positive for HIV this week, the Adult Performer Advocacy Committee (APAC) is also requesting a temporary industry-wide production hold while doctors perform confirmatory tests.

This is not believed to have been an on set transmission. APAC will release a statement within the next few days regarding whether the production hold is called off or if a two-week moratorium is necessary.

In compliance with HIPAA regulations, personal or health information about this patient is not allowed to be released. APAC is asking the performer community to show compassion towards each other and to our unnamed peer who is currently waiting for the results of their confirmatory test and to abstain from speculating about the patient’s identity.

The Adult Performer Advocacy Committee’s mission is to support the safety and well-being of individual performers and our community. We stand against blaming specific performers for contracting HIV, and we encourage them to take steps to ensure HIV- negative scene partners are not exposed. If any performers impacted by this work-halt need emotional support or peers to connect with, APAC is available to help you through this period.

We understand and acknowledge that a moratorium impacts every individual in the industry differently no matter how close or distant they are to the issue. It is imperative that we honor the call for a moratorium, hold each other with compassion and respect during this time.”

The Free Speech Coalition issued a statement immediately calling for the precautionary production hold…“We hope that we should be able to confirm the partner list and have retested any second-generation performers by Friday. If there is no evidence of additional risk, filming should be able to resume on Monday.” said the FSC. “This request to honor the current production hold is made for the safety of our community as a whole and for performers’ individual safety. APAC encourages performers to reach out to their existing support systems.” concluded the FSC.

We will bring more details as this story continues to develop.

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