The way is over as the Sport Fucker exquisite brand has just unleashed through 665 Distribution, six pleasure products designed for men including the Locker Room Douche Bulb, Team Stroker, Slam Jam Balls, the Cock-Pump Trainer Ring, the Stabilizer Ring and to round out the magnificent six newbies, the Squatter Ring.

665 Distribution continues to deliver men of all genres with some of the most stimulating pleasure products for all fetishes ranging from BDSM to Leather Gear to Men’s Underwear and Swimwear as well as Silicone Lubricants.

Founder and President of 665 Distribution and Sport Fucker, Curtis Thompson, told JRL CHARTS…”We are continuing to test boundaries with our innovations in the materials we use and the functions of our toys and apparel. Our goal is to deliver pleasures our customers never knew existed.” said Thompson.

Customers who demand a clean flow will fall in love with the ‘Locker Room Douche Bulb‘ that brings you a great all around quality with a flex tip. You can also use this for injecting lube deep inside!

Just reviewing the ‘Team Stroker‘ by Sport Fucker speaks for itself as there is no “I” in team, but there is meat! Made of super soft TPE, the Team Stroker is the ultimate masturbation sleeve that allows you to adjust the pressure by simply adjusting your grip.

Plus for those who love penetration on another level will find the ‘Slam Jam Balls‘ a must buy! Known by 665 Distribution’s publicity division as the Slam Jam thank you ma’am! This “eye grabber delivers 4 increasingly larger balls in a single molded silicone form which means its easy to clean-up and delivers endless hours of stimulating play. Suitable with all forms of lubricant such as the Sport Fucker Silicone Lubricant and Sport Fucker CUM Lubricant. Remember when you’re ready for more advanced play, check out the larger sized Slam Jam Balls which are all available in Black and Metal.

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Now the The ‘Cock-Pump Trainer Ring‘ is one you will remember as it is designed to fit most pumping cylinders and allows easy access to get a cockring on your freshly enlarged dick. Slide the Trainer Ring over the end of your cylinder, do your pump and simply slide it onto your cock once you’ve reached your desired pump level!

Engineered with an increase in thickness meant for under the cock, the ‘Squatter Ring‘ was built to keep you rock hard during all your Sport Fucking events. Stretchy enough to accommodate most girths but enough maintain a nice pressure.

Finally, my personal favorite which is made of super soft silicone, the one and only ‘Stabilizer Ring‘, which is a cockring and ball tugger all built into one. The ball tugger portion pushes your balls forward giving you a gently tug, wear this under your jeans and really show off your package!

Adult consumers can purchase the newest additions to the Sport Fucker collection by visiting the official 665 Distribution Online Superstore. Plus if you are a local of Los Angeles County, California, visit the landmark brick & mortar 665 Leather boutique located at 8722 Santa Monica Blvd in West Hollywood, Calif. (Map It)

Retailers and independent distributors can get wholesale ordering information by contacting Chris Duarte at 665 Distribution – 1-818-678-9193 | EMAIL | Facebook | Google+ | Instagram | Twitter

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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