MONTREAL, QC — (10-20-23) — Disruptive Films announce that gay adult film star Jake Waters, is set to make his directorial debut with the release of ‘Missed My Flight’. Written and Directed by Jake Waters,the Missed My Flight gay xxx production features gay adult film star favorites AJ Sloan and Dillon Diaz.

John Greenly (Sloan) is a stressed-out businessman who’s about to miss his flight home, and Max Richardson (Diaz) is a college dean who also arrives too late. John is visibly upset as he takes out his phone to call his wife while Max calmly finds a lounge to wait in until the next flight. It may seem like a chance encounter, but Max isn’t exactly who he seems to be.” — Jake Waters

“I have been working on the scene for about a year,” said Waters. “It went from a thought in my head, to me writing and making changes, to Disruptive asking me if I wanted to make this a reality and if I wanted to direct it too,” said Waters.

He continued…”On set, everything went better than I expected. I was prepared with my notes and the shots that I wanted. I had a wonderful crew, great talent, and the best part of it, everyone there wanted to see me excel and for this project to be great. I have never been on a set like this before where I felt so much love.

I knew that this script was perfect and exactly what Disruptive was looking for. It has a great storyline. Some comedic moments. Hot sex. And a great twist at the end. I believe once this scene comes out, Disruptive and I will have a beautiful future together. I have so many stories to tell.” said Waters.

Jake Waters’ ‘Missed My Flight’ starring AJ Sloan and Dillon Diaz is scheduled to debut in January 2024, exclusively on the ASGMAX Network.

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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