CZECH REPUBLIC — (09-05-23) — Get ready for a mouthwatering sequel that only the Freshmen Network could deliver – real life boyfriends ‘Bob Coogler and Tommy Clapton Sex Scene 2 (2023)’ on digital. Following the success of Bob Coogler and Tommy Clapton Sex Scene 1, the Freshmen Network proudly brings its massive subscriber base audience its long awaited sequel.

Freshmen-Bob Coogler and Tommy Clapton Sex Scene 2-Screen Clips-jrl charts

“Tommy Clapton wakes up next to his boyfriend Bob Coogler and after making coffee, gently wakes up Bob and invites him to the terrace to enjoy the sunny Prague morning. After hearing about his boyfriend’s erotic dream, Bob suggests they go back to bed. Bob kneels down in front of his dreamboy and starts sucking his dick. Tommy enjoys the deep blowjob before deepthroating Bob in return. Before long, Tommy is inside Bob’s ass, deep bareback fucking him. The lovemaking speeds up until they climax at the same time. What a lovely start to the morning!”

Bob Coogler and Tommy Clapton Sex Scene 2 Teaser

Bob Coogler and Tommy Clapton Sex Scene 2 Official Teaser-Freshmen

George Duroy

Production Companies:

Pulse Distribution (DVD) (USA)
Vimpex Gay Media (DVD) (Europe)

Official Website | VOD

Facebook | Tumblr | Twitter

Czech Republic

Czech | English

Digital Release date:
August 29, 2023

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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