NORTH BERGEN, NJ — (08-14-23) — Say “Hello” to the ‘Goddess Delight’ Collection by Nasstoys, where cutting-edge technology meets indulgent pleasure. Nasstoys has once again redefined the boundaries of sensual satisfaction with its latest innovation, available in two captivating variants: the bold and passionate Red, and the enchanting Purple. Designed to ignite your desires and elevate your intimate experiences, these thrusting delights promise an unforgettable journey into ecstasy.

Unveiling the Goddess Thrusting Delight

The Goddess Thrusting Delight is a testament to Nasstoys’ commitment to creating sophisticated and satisfying pleasure products. Crafted with precision and meticulous attention to detail, these premium devices are here to reshape your perceptions of pleasure and intimacy.

Sensual Design

The Goddess Thrusting Delight boasts a modern, elegant design that is as visually appealing as it is functional. Its smooth, body-safe silicone exterior feels sumptuous against the skin, ensuring comfort during prolonged use. The ergonomic shape allows for easy handling, granting you complete control over your pleasure.

Powerful Thrusting Action

At the heart of this collection lies its signature feature – the powerful thrusting action. Utilizing advanced motor technology, these devices mimic the rhythmic movements of a partner, providing an incredibly lifelike experience that will leave you breathless. Indulge in deep, penetrating sensations that target your most sensitive areas for heightened pleasure.

Customizable Pleasure

With multiple thrusting speeds and patterns, the Goddess Thrusting Delight offers a range of customizable experiences to suit your every mood and desire. Whether you’re in the mood for slow and sensual or fast and intense, the intuitive controls make it effortless to find your ideal rhythm.

Rechargeable and Travel-Friendly

Say goodbye to the hassle of disposable batteries. The Goddess Thrusting Delight is conveniently rechargeable, ensuring that you’re always ready for an electrifying session. The compact and discreet design also makes it the perfect travel companion, allowing you to take your pleasure wherever you go.

Waterproof for Aquatic Adventures

Indulge in aquatic fantasies with confidence. Both the Red and Purple variants are waterproof, opening the door to exhilarating experiences in the bath, shower, or pool.


The Goddess Delight  by Nasstoys invites you to explore a world of unparalleled pleasure and intimate connection. With its innovative thrusting technology, customizable features, and luxurious design, these devices offer a gateway to unforgettable sensations. Whether you choose the fiery passion of the Red or the alluring charm of the Purple, one thing is certain – the Goddess Thrusting Delight Collection is here to redefine your understanding of pleasure.

Elevate your intimate experiences today with Nasstoys’ Goddess Delight. Discover the passion, discover the pleasure, and let your desires take the lead.

Brick and mortar retailers as well as online adult e-commerce platforms can get ordering information by contacting one of Nasstoys of New York’ Elite Sales Team members;  Elliot, KathrynSuzy  and Taylor Toll-Free at 1+800-556-5562 | International: 1+201-861-6302 |  EMAIL  | Facebook  |  Instagram | Twitter  | YouTube.

Article by: Amber, Health and Wellness Guru

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