THESSALONIKI, GR — (05-22-23) — MODUS VIVENDI brings retailers first look at its ‘Towel Swimwear Line’ and ‘Roller Skater’ Campaign inspired by roller-skating of the 80’s.

MODUS VIVENDI-Towel Swimwear Line Commercial-Screen Clips-jrl charts

MODUS VIVENDI-Towel Swimwear Line Commercial-Screen Clips-jrl charts

“MODUS VIVENDI introduces the Towel Swimwear and the Roller Skater Campaign from Spring – Summer 2023 Collection. The perfect blend of style and function that unite in Rio de Janeiro. Time to travel back in time to the 80’s.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – May 2023 – Get ready to embrace the vibrant spirit of the 80’s. MODUS VIVENDI is thrilled to announce the launch of an electrifying collaboration between Towel Swimwear and Roller Skates. Inspired by the nostalgic charm of this iconic era, this combination brings together the retro appeal of roller skates with the colorful and stylish designs of towel swimwear. Get ready to groove and skate your way along the picturesque seaside coast of Rio de Janeiro, where fashion meets fun!

Lace-up your roller skates and take to the boardwalks of Rio de Janeiro, relishing in the carefree joy of gliding along the coastlines. The Roller Skater Campaign invites colorful swimwear lovers and nostalgia enthusiasts to embrace the spirit of the 80’s and experience the exhilaration of summer roller skating in style.” — MODUS VIVENDI

Modus Vivendi:
Official Website

Fashion Model:
Bruno Krause

Director Cinematography:
Gastohn Barrios

Luiz Júnior

Executive Producer:
Matias Santos

The Roller Skater

Filming Location:
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Release date:
May 19, 2023

Fashion Boutiques, distributors and Online Apparel superstores can get immediate ordering information by visiting Modus Vivendi’s Official B2B Platform.

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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