MADRID — (05-10-23) — Spain’s Constitutional Court announced on Tuesday it would consider a legal challenge brought by the right wing Vox party against a new LGBT Rights Law that protects transgender teenagers and encourages tolerance for sexual diversity in schools.

The wide-ranging LGBT Rights Law passed in February and allows any Spanish citizen over 16 years-old to change their legally registered gender without medical supervision.

Minors aged 12-13 still require a judge’s authorization, while those between 14 and 16 must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

Prior to the LGBT civil rights Law’s passage, transgender people needed a diagnosis by several doctors of gender dysphoria.

The Constitutional Court said that they will “Review a legal brief lodged by Vox lawmakers and would analyze alleged violations of parental rights, the right to religious expression, freedom of speech and equality of all citizens before the law.”

Right Wing Vox said the recent legislation passed in February, was promoted by the far-left United We Can party within Spain’s governing coalition. They claim that far-left lawmakers introduced “state interference in areas that should remain strictly personal.”

VOX lawmakers argued that a parent’s right to oversee the religious education of their children, which is guaranteed in the Spanish constitution, was violated by the introduction of material in schools aimed at teaching children to respect and tolerate sexual diversity.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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