NEW YORK, NY — (04-28-23) — CockyBoys Entertainment breaks out with ‘Hazel Hoffman & Tristan Hunter (2023), the multi award-winning gay porn network’s latest ‘MUST WATCH’ that caught the attention of JRL CHARTS Gay Erotica News when the mouthwatering scene made its debut on April 27.

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“Tristan Hunter is VERY horny—especially since Hazel Hoffman is in his bed, still asleep and his naked ass looking so irresistible. Tristan simply can’t contain himself and rouses Hazel by eating his ass—and that’s okay because Hazel loves being wakened this way for morning sex. And it isn’t long before Tristan replaces his mouth with his cock to drill and thrill Hazel.

Tristan pounds Hazel on his tummy with intensity and things get even more exciting when Tristan flips Hazel on his back. They kiss passionately and interact verbally as Tristan fucks him and he periodically strokes Hazel’s cock for him and sucks him. When given the chance Hazel gives Tristan a blowjob, but Tristan keeps returning to his original trigger: Hazel’s beautiful ass.” — Jake Jaxson

CockyBoys’ Hazel Hoffman & Tristan Hunter is already getting major attention from gay porn blogs worldwide and now you get to review this MUST WATCH from Jake Jaxson.

Watch Hazel Hoffman & Tristan Hunter Official Teaser

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Directed by:
Jake Jaxson

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Distributed by:
GFF Distribution (DVD) (USA)
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Digital Release Date:
April 27, 2023

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Article by: Keith Witcha, Staff Writer

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