CZECH REPUBLIC — (03-23-23) — Prepare to be dripping in sweat over BelAmi’ “Riff & Mario (2023)’ starring BelAmi Exclusives Mario Texeira and Riff Dornan. Once again the executive brass at BelAmiOnline are delivering a jaw dropping, monster cock packing extravaganza that has already generated a 5-STAR RATING by BelAmiOnline subscribers.

Watch as BelAmi returns to South Africa to deliver another scorching scene that only BelAmi and executive producer George Duroy could deliver!

BelAmi-Riff-and-Mario-gay porn biz-screen clips-jrl charts

BelAmi-Riff-and-Mario-gay porn biz-screen clips-jrl charts

“We’re not sure if Riff is being offered a true Hobson’s choice today, but when Adam makes the offer to him of going shopping or staying home with Mario, I think we would all agree that there is no real choice involved and that Mario would win every time. No sooner is pesky Adam gone than the boys head upstairs to make the most of a few moments alone in the house.

As you all know, Riff has never bottomed on camera, so you can be pretty sure that he is topping again here today. Luckily, that is just how Mario wants it, and in fact, they don’t even make it to the bedroom before Mario latches onto Riff’s hard cock and has it deep in his throat. The fucking is intense, with Riff pushing deep inside Mario, eventually forcing out a huge load of cum, and then finally shooting his own load all over Mario’s greedy hole.”

With Pulse Distribution and Vimpex Gay Media are busy shipping adult stores worldwide ‘The Measure of a Man DVD (2023)’ from BelAmi, the digital division at the multi award-winning gay porn network are delivering their massive fan base two delicious superstars that are eager to show up their exhibition skills!

Watch – Riff & Mario Official Trailer (2023)

BelAmi - Riff & Mario-Official gay porn teaser-2023-jrl charts

Produced by:
George Duroy

Production Companies:
BelAmi Entertainment

BelAmi Online:
Official Website | VOD

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Pulse Distribution (DVD) (USA)
Vimpex Gay Media (DVD) (Europe)

Czech Republic


Digital Release date:
March 18, 2023

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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