HONG KONG — (03-20-23) — OTOUCH introduces retailers to the Lollipop! According to the OTOUCH way, both sweets and sex assume the similar role for helping human beings attain love and joy, that romantic significance can be involved.

As a means to propagate the OTOUCH way, Lollipop, as the latest Vigor Series product, was created!

As its name, this product imitates the outline of lollipop, which is a type of popular sweets among most damsels around the world. To contrive the all-new designed product.

Otouch-Lollipop-Promo-2-jrl charts

This novelty bears the count that Lollipop will please broad damsels in their quotidian life, simply in the same means done by sweets.

Bright but not garish, the lollipop-like outline can also bring about pragmatic functions. Different from prior OTOUCH products, Lollipop is actually a female toy combining two types of stimulus, suction and pulsation, that two cardinal sensitive points of damsel can be stimulated simultaneously.

The top of this product can be stretched to touch the clitoris, then 6-level suction can be generated to stimulate which. Meanwhile, the bottom component so-called “Lollipop stick” is exactly a pulsation vibrator being also with 6-level mode, that can be inserted into vagina. Note that two functions can operate simultaneously, which means pleasure would double or more.

Otouch-Lollipop Packaging-jrl charts

Otouch-Lollipop Packaging-jrl charts

In addition to the Lollipop itself, the Rechargeable Storage Case affiliating to Lollipop must be another unprecedented creation, which redounds to cruising ability of Lollipop.

This splendid case is allowed to store roughly 1000mAh electricity that is available to recharge the Lollipop through non-porous electromagnetic charging contact, for 2 times at least. In addition, the non-porous electromagnetic charging contact also contributes noticeably to water-resistance of OTOUCH Lollipop.

Last but not least, OTOUCH brand has been illustrious for its proud Masturbators and other male toys since 2015 when it embarked on sex toy career, but demands of market are diverse and constantly variable.

It necessary for OTOUCH to adapt to rapidly advancing market and broader consumer, that how to further accelerate the R&D of Vigor series products, like Lollipop, has been attached importance.

After all, “let the world be full of love and fun” is what OTOUCH pursues everlastingly and a requisition for OTOUCH crossing thresholds with inexhaustible perseverance!

Retailers, for wholesale ordering information, contact Brian at OTouch Headquarters at +86-755-28903825 | EMAIL | Official B2B Website |  Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | YouTube.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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