LAS VEGAS — (03-18-23) — Epic Pictures brings you first look at Colonials Official Sci-Fi Trailer (2023), the upcoming Sci-Fi movie about a space colonist traveling from Mars who crash lands on Earth to save a Resistance stuck in the dark ages from an advance Moon enforcer.

The Sci-Fi movie directed by Andrew Balek and Joe Bland stars Daniel Roebuck, Sean Kanan and Louise Barnes.

Epic Pictures-Colonials-SciFi Movie-Screen Clips-movie trailers-jrl charts

Epic Pictures-Colonials-SciFi Movie-Screen Clips-movie trailers-jrl charts

“Silas, a space colonist from Mars, embarks on a reconnaissance mission to Earth to figure out what happened to the ‘humans of old’. The Exiles (an evil and advanced Moon-based- civilization) intercept Silas’s squad and destroys their ship just outside Earth’s atmosphere sending Silas crashing to Earth alone. Having lost his memory upon landing, Silas must figure out who he is and what his purpose on Earth is before the Exiles locate and destroy him.”

Colonials (2023) will be released On Demand via iTunes and Apple TV on April 7, 2023.

Watch Colonials Official Sci-Fi Trailer (2023)

Official Website

Directed by:
Andrew Balek
Joe Bland

Screenplay by:
Joe Bland
Cyrus Cheek

Cinematography by:
Meredith Washburn

Executive Producers:
Steve Foster
Todd Thompson
Midge Conroy
Tom Conroy
Doug Culhane
Holly Culhane
Tyler Harrington
Cass Huckabay
Stephen Kenny
executive producer
Ryan Mahoney
Robert Martin III
Rick Moir
Mike Peebles
Andy Sparks
J Spencer
Val Umholtz
Layne Weber
Stefan Weber
Tasha Weber

Produced by:
Joe Bland
Danielle Cohn
Jennifer Archambault
Michele Kanan

Production Companies:
Brook Productions
Colonial Film

Distributed by:
Brook Media Group
Epic Pictures
Reel 2 Reel Films

Country of Origin:
United States


Release date:
April 7, 2023

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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