LAS VEGAS — (03-07-23) — TwinkTop Network captures major attention with Logan Cross and Max Romano starring in Logan Cross Chapter 4: Extra Innings (2023), the latest installment of gorgeous Logan Cross’ performance for the Carnal Media network TwinkTop.

Logan Cross Chapter 4 Extra Innings-TwinkTop-CarnalPlus-jrl charts

Logan Cross Chapter 4 Extra Innings-TwinkTop-CarnalPlus-2023-jrl charts

“One afternoon, young student athlete Logan Cross arrived at Coach Romano’s office complaining of a possible strain to his upper, inner thigh. Coach Romano chuckled—Logan had done this song and dance before.

During their last visit together in Romano’s office, Logan had feigned an injury as an excuse to get the handsome coach’s attention. Coach Romano was curious to find out whether this was indeed a serious ailment, or another sexy seduction game—and either, he thought, was quite fine.

Logan invited Coach Romano to place his hand on the part of his upper thigh that was causing the alleged discomfort. The experienced, older coach massaged the muscle with great care. Logan smiled at Coach Romano’s humble, professional demeanor and integrity, but in reality there was no disguising their mutual lust and attraction for one another.”

“Sports fans are in for a treat with Chapter 4 of Logan Cross’ latest TwinkTop escapades, ‘Extra Innings,’ as he puts on a spectacular show as an ‘injured’ player looking for extra-special attention from his muscular coach, Max Romano,” said Carnal Media CEO/founder Legrand Wolf. “Come on in to the Coach’s office and get a load of our latest releases this week, exclusively at” said Wolf.

Logan Cross Chapter 4: Extra Innings Official Teaser (2023)

Logan Cross Chapter 4 Extra Innings Official Teaser-TwinkTop-CarnalPlus

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