MONTREAL, QC — (02-20-23) — Next Door Studios unleash gay adult film stars Brandon Anderson and Nico Coopa in Enlisted (2023), the fresh new premium Next Door Films release directed by Conrad Parker and produced by Jeremy Babcock.

Written by Dalton King, Enlisted (2023) tells the story of lifelong pals who are forced to come to terms with unresolved feelings when one of them joins the military. Featuring a guest starring role by Carter Woods, “Enlisted” explores the complex emotions and bonds of friendships.

“I think this is one of the most heartfelt films we’ve done so far, said Dalton King. “Nico Coopa and Brandon Anderson are incredible at portraying the nuanced emotions of a love left unsaid. Everyone’s gonna love this movie.” said King.

Nico Coopa loved his time on set saying…“I’m so excited for the release of Enlisted; a great scene and very much a pleasure to work on. Casting did a great job with these roles; great guys and effortlessly solid chemistry between Brandon, Carter and me during filming.” said King.

Shouting out to writer King, Coopa goes on to say there is “fantastic writing for this one too; it was really exciting (and daunting) to plumb some emotional depths in a role. Having your only-too-recently requited love leave for war is some heavy business with a lot of complicated emotions to try to convey. I hope I did it some justice. I know my costars did a really stellar job doing just that (while being totally smolderingly sexy at the same time it should be noted – very unfair stuff). Can’t wait to see the finished film!” said Coopa.

“Our Films brand is such a great platform for us to bring gay characters and stories to life, and Enlisted is one of our most genuine tales so far” added Alpha Studio Group CCO Jeremy Babcock. “This thoughtful journey from friendship to attraction is magically brought to life by Brandon and Nico. Really great acting from both of them.” said Babcock.

“It was a pleasure getting the opportunity to work with both of those guys out there,” said Brandon Anderson. “It was hot I remember and lots of water was needed by everyone. We really rolled through that day though for the amount of work we put into it. Everyone did well to remember their own lines and things just kinda unfolded into place. I recall pulling some improv out while we were outside sitting at the table. Overall it was a fun scene.” said Anderson.

Watch Next Door Films – Enlisted Official Trailer (2023)

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Directed by:
Conrad Parker

Written by:
Dalton King

Executive Producer:
Jeremy Babcock

Production companies:
Next Door Originals
Next Door Studios

Distributed by:
Pulse Distribution (DVD) (USA)



Run time:
53 Minutes

Digital Release Date:
February 20, 2023

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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