QUEEN CREEK, AZ — (01-19-23) — Jared and Tim Deluca from Queen Creek took to TikTok on Wednesday to show how their PRIDE Flag was not only vandalized, but also to report that they have been ordered to remove their flag by their HOA.

According to Jared and Tim Deluca, their PRIDE flag has been vandalized since it first went up in their backyard in December. The flag faced a busy street. The intention was to let others know it’s okay to be themselves and not hide it.

“The first thing that happened was one day I was outside in the back patio and I heard people screaming slurs from their car while passing behind our house,” said Deluca. “Which is funny because they didn’t know I was there. They were literally screaming at my house for the sake of screaming at it,” said Deluca.

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Deluca said that several days later, their flag was slashed. Then, someone stole the PRIDE flag after breaking the flag pole. Thankfully one of their neighbor’s found it and returned it.

“Instantly it became apparent that we were no longer feeling safe here,” said Jared.

Jared said “Most of of our neighbors have been supportive, but not all of them. One time a neighbor tried intimidating me outside my own home. They freaked us out pretty good. They took off down the end of the road and went around the cul-de-sac. They came back, stared us down, and then took off with tires screeching into the community,” said Jared.

Jared said he filed two police reports over the incidents, however last week, he opened up a letter from the Ocotillo Heights Homeowners Association that said the gay couple made a change to the exterior of their property that was not allowed.

In fairness, many HOAs have instituted restrictions on where homeowners can attach a flagpole to their property. Jared said he called the community manager to figure out an alternative but was told that their flag had to be removed.

However Jared said that their flag isn’t going anywhere. “I’ve been asked over the past month, ‘Is it worth it?’ If something were to happen to you and your husband, is it worth it?’ It is,” said Jared.

JRL CHARTS LGBT Politics reached out to the HOA’ community manager via email and phone calls for comment, but as of this report, we have not received a response.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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