LAS VEGAS — (01-16-23) — UFO Endgame To Disclosure (2023) is the upcoming docu-drama from award winning Documentary Filmmakers Blake and Brent Cousins, Third Phase Moon and 1091 Pictures. From the producers who brought you Above Top Secret (2022), comes the latest shocking film ‘UFO ENDGAME To Disclosure (2023).

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Dr. Steven Greer, Michael Schratt, James C. Goodall, Billy Carson and John DeSouza round out the cast.

Dr. Steven Greer comes forward with explosive information about the deadly game of suppressed technology that could eliminate the need for fossil fuels and save our planet from Ultimate destruction.

Forbidden UFO Knowledge is only known by few in power. This documentary peels the layers of secrecy at the highest levels to showcase the massive cover-up on a transnational scale to keep the BIGGEST Secrets of the Universe hidden from us.

How will this global revelation change our world? Is an Alien False Flag Event just around the corner?

Now that the Department of Defense acknowledges that the UFO phenomenon is real, what does that really tell us?

All these questions will be discussed in the new groundbreaking Documentary UFO ENDGAME To Disclosure (2023).

UFO ENDGAME To Disclosure is set to premier on digital and On Demand March 14, 2023.

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Directed by:
Blake Cousins
Brent Cousins

Produced by:
Blake Cousins
Brent Cousins

Production Companies:
Third Phase Moon

Distributed By:
1091 Pictures (all media) (USA)

Country of Origin:
United States


Run time:
1Hr  54 Mins

Release date:
March 14, 2023

Copyright © 2023 Third Phase Moon

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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