NEW YORK, NY — (12-29-22) — Openly Gay Congressmember-elect George Santos is now under multiple investigations of the lies he spread to win his congressional seat. After news broke that he had fabricated key parts of his education and employment history, not to mention claiming to be Jewish, he now under investigation for the money raised for his campaign.

According to an investigation conducted by The New York Times, “Congressmember-elect George Santos lied when he told voters he’d worked for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. The IRS says an animal rescue group Santos claims to have led called Friends of Pets United did not file any records indicating it had tax-exempt status, as Santos claimed.”

The New York Times also found that George Santos faced criminal charges for check fraud in Brazil, at a time when he’d claimed to be attending classes at Baruch College — which has no enrollment records for Santos.

Santos also falsely claimed that his company “lost four employees” at the Pulse nightclub shooting in Orlando in June 2016.

This is a stain on the LGBTQ Community because last November, Santos had made history as the first openly gay Republican to win a House seat as a nonincumbent, representing a district in Long Island and Queens that previously favored Democrats.

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy who is lobbying for the Speaker’s Chair, has yet to comment on the the New York Times’s investigation. Many House Democrats are calling on McCarthy to block Santos from being seated when the 118th Congress, however with the slim majority the GOP will have in the House, the chances of that happening are slim to none!

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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