LOS ANGELES — (12-15-22) — Eye of Love expands its range of its Matchmaker Collection to include a new Gender Fluid pheromone based formula known as the “Attract Them” sprays! Created for people with no gender boundaries, the new blends include pheromone attractants to appeal to all genders.

The “Attract Them” blend of pheromones are two new products added to the distinctive fragrances of Red Diamond, with citrus tones and Black Diamond, with a musky base.

Eye of Love now offers three pheromone blend options for each of their popular line of Matchmakers’ trademark Black Diamond and Red Diamond scents, with specially blended pheromone fragrances: one for attracting the opposite sex, one for the same sex (branded as their LGBTQ line), and “Attract Them,” available for people with open gender boundaries.

Available in a white package to distinguish “Attract Them” from each of their single pheromone attractant fragrances, the travel-sized sprays sport red lettering to highlight the Red Diamond scent and black lettering to pair up with the Black Diamond scent.

“We received feedback from our customers that they loved the distinct scents of Matchmaker but wanted to attract all genders with the magic of pheromones,” said Jacqui Rubinoff, VP of sales for Eye of Love. “We created this line with Patti Stanger, of the ‘Millionaire Matchmaker’ and agreed that a non-gender specific product would be perfect in our lineup. Given the increased awareness and acceptance of gender fluidity, we didn’t want to offer just two choices and I am sure this will become the most popular addition to the Matchmaker line. We are excited to release ‘Attract Them’ to the world!” said Rubinoff.

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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