VAN NUYS, CA — (11-07-22) — US Arcades proudly updated its latest location, Adult World, located at 341 Midway Rd, in Bethel, PA, marking its 100th brick and mortar store in the US Arcade network.

“We are extremely proud of this achievement, but we are certainly not going to rest.” Lewis Adams, VP of US Arcades told JRL CHARTS. “We have a full calendar of new locations to update throughout 2023” said Adams.

Adult chain stores featuring US Arcade technology include: Adult Shop, Adult World, Amazing, AVO, AVW, Lion’s Den, Romantix, Romeo & Juliets, Taboo as well as independently owned stores.

“Those booths make money” smiled Eric, owner of the popular Adult World.

In 2016, US Arcades set out to address an underserved niche by developing a cutting-edge software system that would advance the adult video arcade market.

Adult World Video Superstore-341 Midway Rd-Bethel-Pennsylvania

Adult World Video Superstore-341 Midway Rd, Bethel, PA

The business model allows adult retailers and studios to reap the rewards of a previously untapped stream of revenue that has garnered enthusiasm from some of the most renowned and well-respected industry veterans including studio frontrunners and store owners alike.

President, David Joseph gushed, “Every store that runs our state-of-the-art software has experienced an upward trajectory in revenue. We have the best content available and the interaction with the Live Cams is growing exponentially.” Joseph continued, “We knew our system would work and that stores, studios and customers would all be happy. I would like to thank our all our store and studio partners for making this a success.” said Joseph.

In addition to a robust library of award-winning studio content, the platform also features a Live Cam channel, facilitating a modernized, 21st century experience for arcade consumers.

“Each month we see store revenues increasing, studio payouts increasing, Live Cam usage increasing,” said Lewis Adams. “I am super excited for the future,”

A list of all operating US Arcades locations can be found at

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Retailers can get more information on how to team up with US Arcades Network by contacting Lewis at 1-818-888-8738 or via EMAIL.  Follow US Arcades on Twitter @us_arcades.

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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