LOS ANGELES — (11-02-22)  — Eldorado Trading Company and Segpay announce that they have teamed up with the Free Speech Coalition to launch a Legislative Action Center, which will track federal and state legislation pertinent to the adult industry.

The Free Speech Coalition released the following statement pertaining to the Legislative Action Center.

“Thanks to major financial support from Eldorado and Segpay, Free Speech Coalition will launch a legislative Action Center to help track state and federal legislation affecting the adult industry. The Action Center, which utilizes best-in-class bill tracking and analysis software, will be accessible to all industry members.

“At a time when our industry is under increasing attack, the FSC Action Center will allow us to identify, monitor and fight legislation that threatens our rights and our businesses,” says Alison Boden, Executive Director of Free Speech Coalition. “Through their support, Eldorado, Segpay and our other sponsors are providing an incredible tool for the industry.”

In addition to major sponsors Eldorado and Segpay, Doc Johnson, Grooby, PervOut and Polari Media are supporting the Action Center as Grassroots Sponsors.

“We’re proud to support this important and ambitious effort to protect our industry,” says Wanda Garland, CEO of Eldorado. “If we’re going to successfully fight the discrimination and censorship our industry faces, we need to be as aware and equipped as our opponents. I hope others in the industry will join us in funding this effort.”

The Action Center website will provide analysis, status updates, and the opportunity to mobilze in response to bills involving banking discrimination, pleasure product restrictions, age-verification, attacks on section 230 protection, device filter mandates, sex workers’ rights and other issues. Keyword alerts will update FSC and its members as soon as new legislation is introduced, so FSC can analyze the bills, alert allies and begin the fight before harmful legislation is passed.

While FSC continues to employ lobbyists at the federal level, keeping up with fifty state legislatures can be difficult. FSC has been instrumental in stopping or slowing bills like California’s SB435 or the EARN IT Act in Congress, but too often the adult industry only becomes aware of legislation after a news report or after a bill is passed.

“The Action Center will allow us to respond quickly and effectively, and provide tools to our members to take action themselves,” says Boden. “We’ve seen an unprecedented number of anti-adult bills introduced in the past year, and we expect it to only increase with the new Congress. We ask that anyone in our industry who is concerned about the growing attack on our rights to help sponsor the Action Center and our increasing legislative work.”

For more information, visit FSC online.

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