LAS VEGAS — (10-12-22) — Saban Films release Bruce Willis and John Travolta facing off in the action packed ‘Paradise City (2022)’ official movie trailer. Watch as Ryan Swan must carve his way through the Hawaiian crime world to wreak vengeance on the kingpin who murdered his father.

Paradise City Film-2022-Official Poster-Saban Films

Paradise City (2022) is one of the final films Bruce Willis, 67, made before he announced back in March that he would step away from acting after his aphasia diagnosis.

Directed by Chuck Russell with a script written by Edward Drake, Corey Large and Chuck Russell.

The $20 Million dollar budget action thriller is set to be released by Saban Films on November 11, 2022.

Watch Paradise City Official Trailer (2022)

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Chuck Russell

Written by:
Edward Drake
Corey Large
Chuck Russell

Director of Cinematography:
Austin F. Schmidt

Film Editing by:
Peter Devaney Flanagan

Casting by:
Chadwick Struck

Production Design by:
Audrey Ledoux
David Dean Ebert
Daphne Hayes

Executive Producers:
Lorenzo Antonucci
Richard Barner
Jordan Beckerman
Gordon Bijelonic
Jas Boparai
Lee Broda
Ashley Coleman
Grady Craig
Stephen J. Eads
Matthew Helderman
Ruben Islas
Jon Keeyes
Jordan Yale Levine
Nat McCormick
Johnny Messner
Sean Patrick O’Reilly
Brian O’Shea
Stanley Preschutti
Jonathan Saba
Luke Taylor
Jim Wacker

Produced by:
Corey Large (p.g.a)
Bernie Gewissler (line producer)

Associate Producer:
Jim Wacker

Film Budget:

Production Companies:
308 Ent
Arcana Studio
BondIt Media Capital
Buffalo 8 Productions (post production)
Grandave Capital
Head Gear Films
LB Entertainment
Metrol Technology
The Exchange
Yale Productions

Distributed by:
Saban Films (2022) (USA) (theatrical)

Country of Origin:
United States


Release Date:
November 11, 2022

Copyright © 2022 Saban Films

Article by: Michael “The Sizzler”, Staff Writer

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