LAS VEGAS — (10-06-22) — zBUCKz announce the launch of the FrocktheWorld Network, zBUCKz’s latest foray into gay adult entertainment. Webmasters can review the official press release on the launch of

Pain Gain-Cover Art-zBUCKz-frocktheworld

Pain Gain-Cover Art-zBUCKz-frocktheworld

“How rare and intriguing is a new gay porn website that combines male erotica, kink, cheeky humor, trans visibility, LGBTQIA diversity, and a high-art NYC style in one unique package? Eli Schmidt aims to answer that when he brings the aesthetic of his ‘FROCK’ magazine to life as zBUCKz’s latest foray into gay adult entertainment. premieres this week as the newest addition to WebMediaProz’ varied stable of erotic web destinations.

Schmidt began his foray into porn by self-publishing his own magazine ‘FROCK’ which proclaims itself as ‘the multi-sexual universe’ filled with kink, fetish, drag and porn. The magazine has gained attention in New York and is stocked throughout the city in prominent bookshops including Mcnally Jackson, Dashwood Books and Casa Magazines.

FROCK also received international exposure through a partnership with London magazine distributors, Ra & Olly. Shortly after the first print issue, Schmidt started filming his own adult video content in tandem with the magazine. is a culmination of this impressive work, which often blurs the lines between porn and art; sex and eroticism; kink and sensuality. The site purposefully features a wide variety of gay, lesbian, trans and non-binary performers.

Schmidt is enthusiastic about Frock the World’s new identity as erotic website. “Schmidt is enthusiastic about Frock the World’s new identity as erotic website. “I’ve been working as a commercial photographer for 20 years in New York and wanted to create a body of work similar to the work that inspires me the most. I started FROCK (the magazine and the website) in the tradition of queer artists and photographers who have defied modern convention and created their own worlds of uninhibited desire.”

The marquee attraction at present is Frock the World’s “East Coast Orgy,” an audacious group sex happening on a Brooklyn rooftop that features 20 participants caught in the act by Schmidt’s inquiring camera. As Schmidt tells it, “The video I get the most comments about is EAST COAST ORGY. We had over 20 performers outside on a rooftop in the early summer and the video I shot shows pretty much everything that went down. It was an unforgettable shoot and probably one of the wilder scenes I’ve had access to with a camera.”

The site’s auteur is also eager to bring a diverse cast of characters to “FROCK is unique from ’the status quo’ in porn for a lot of reasons. The most evident one from looking at the new site is the mix of models we are working with. We use the expression ‘multi-sexual’ because we work with every type of model that falls under the LGBTQUIA+ umbrella. Our community’s sexual attitudes are always evolving and our porn should reflect that. We also showcase a range of sexual scenarios from traditional intimate scenes to full on fetish and kink.”

zBUCKz CEO Danny Zeeman is excited to bring a new perspective to male porn. “With his unique artistic and fashion forward sensibilities, Eli’s shooting style is more suited for an arthouse theatre than an iPhone. His subjects include some of today’s most unique queer performers and the action is always authentically hot. We couldn’t be more thrilled to offer his bold new vision for porn to the zBUCKz platform so that members can enjoy the best possible experience and affiliates can promote this one-of-a-kind content.”

Tickled-Cover Art-zBUCKz-frocktheworld

Tickled-Cover Art-zBUCKz-frocktheworld

Visit Eli Schmidt’s unique new vision of the male erotic internet at starting this week. Follow FrocktheWorld on Instagram | Twitter

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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