CUYAHOGA FALLS, OH — (10-03-22) — Adult store retail chain Lover’s Lane arrives in Ohio as it opens its doors at the former Ambiance boutique located at 1230 Buchholzer Blvd in Cuyahoga Falls. The Akron location joins Lover’s Lane adult store in Canton, Ohio.

“We are really looking forward to serving the Ohio marketplace like never before,’ said co-founder Michael Allmond.

Lover’s Lane chain of adult stores released the following statement:

According to the official press release from Lover’s Lane, over the past nine months, all of Ambiance’s seven retail stores have now been “rebranded, renovated, and converted into Lover’s Lane’s signature boutique style.”

“Our organization has looked at Ambiance as a viable and desirable acquisition at various times throughout our 30-year history and it is quite rewarding that the timing was finally right to make it happen.” co-founder Michael Allmond said in the release. “We are really looking forward to serving the Ohio marketplace like never before.”

Plymouth-based Lover’s Lane was founded in 1992. Ambiance was founded in Ohio in 1981 by Henry Keiluhn, a Scene music writer turned audio salesman, and Jennifer Downey, a stock trader who was moonlighting as a model.

Keiluhn had started hosting home sex toy parties after reading about them in a tabloid, and met when Downey he needed a swimsuit model for a brochure.  The two became partners in both business and romance, and set out to make Ambiance a safe strip mall chain that would appeal to suburban moms.

“We are excited because there are consistencies in our business models,” said Downey in a press release last year announcing that Ambiance had been sold to Lover’s Lane. “Lover’s Lane sells similar items such as gift lotions and massage oils for couples, doesn’t sell X-rated videos, and their stores are located in suburban shopping centers like all of our stores. Their sales staff also works to provide the romantic resources for people to find the products they want and need to enhance their romance and love lives.”

Downey further stated that…“For 40 years and multiple generations of customers, we helped couples connect, love, and support each other. We know that when they do that, it teaches their children what a loving relationship looks like and we expect Lover’s Lane to carry on with our philosophy.”

The retail giant now has nearly 40 brick and mortar stores across the Midwest, including stores in Illinois and Indiana.

Akron, OH residents can visit Lover’s Lane at:

Lover’s Lane
1230 Buchholzer Blvd
Cuyahoga Falls, OH 44221
(330) 923-3900

To locate a Lover’s Lane store near you, Click Here.

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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