NEW YORK, NY — (09-22-22) — In first of its kind, a gay democrat and a Stop the Steal Rally Gay Republican are facing off in the race for New York’s 3rd congressional district. The race is seen as critical in the mid-term elections as Republicans are under the delusion that they are going to retake the House. Basing that on past elections however, this isn’t normal times and a political party never had to deal with having a leader of their party being so toxic to Americans.

If Republicans think that common sense Americans in New York’s 3rd District are going to vote for a Stop the Steal Gay Republican is truly delusional.  Democrats are not only setting fundraising records from average every day Americans, Republicans are broke and bleeding voters by the day, and they expect to win back the house?

The real big news of this story however is that for the first time in American politics, we have two openly gay candidates, Robert Zimmerman and George Santos, representing the two largest political party’s in the USA.

JRL CHARTS LGBT Politics will continue to follow New York’s 3rd Disrict campaign and bring you all of the latest in this history making race.

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Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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