INSTANBUL — (09-18-22) — An insecure conservative anti-LGBTQ group marched through the streets of Istanbul on Sunday, to defend what they call traditional family values. Right wing bloggers were quick to hyperbole the narrative by saying that it was the largest demonstration of its kind to ever take place in Turkey.

According to right wing news outlets on scene, several thousand people participated in “The Big Family Gathering” to demand that “LGBTQ people be shuttered and their activities banned.”

Speaker for the organizers of the anti-LGBTQ hate group, Kursat Mican, said “We have gathered more than 150,000 signatures to demand a new law from Turkey’s parliament that would ban LGBTQ propaganda, which they say pervades Netflix, social media, arts, and sports.” said Mican.

Ahead of Sunday’s dark age protest, the anti-LGBTQ hate group organizers circulated a video using footages from past LGBTQ Pride marches in Turkey. The video was included in a public service announcement list of Turkey’s media watchdog.

The anti-LGBTQ video and the demonstration prompted condemnation from LGBTQ rights groups. The organizers of Istanbul Pride called on the governor’s office to ban the event and authorities to take down the anti-LGBT propaganda video of hate.

ILGA Europe, which works for LGBTQ equality, tweeted on Saturday that it was extremely concerned about the risks of violence to LGBTQ Turkish citizens. “The Turkish state needs to uphold its constitutional obligation to protect all its citizens against hate and violence.”

Top Turkish government officials have called LGBTQ human beings “perverts” who aim to hurt traditional family values in the country.

Amnesty International’s office in Turkey said that public service announcements listing the event violated Turkey’s equality and non-discrimination principles. Needless to say, authorities in Turkey snubbed the comment.

LGBTQ Pride parades have been banned in Turkey since 2015.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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