LAS VEGAS — (09-02-22) — LUXXXE Studios has confirmed to JRL CHARTS Gay Erotica News that its highly anticipated film, Friends in Heat (2022), starring LUXXXE Executive Brand Ambassador and Exclusive Model Justin Yurmouth, the Award-winning Living Legend icon Brian Bonds, is set to premier in the Luxxxe Studios Original Mini-Series ‘Friends in Heat’ this Fall.

The steamy premiere episode entitled ‘A Blast From The Past’ is directed by award-winning iconic director Jasun Mark.

“We’ve been hunkering down and working hard to give the industry and the fans a movie that sizzles and pops!”, said LUXXXE Founder and CEO J.D. Daniels. “Friends in Heat is going to be something very special, and spectacular that’ll have the audience on the edge of they’re seat wanting more and more!” said Daniels.

“Performer of the Decade” Daniels continued…“Our original series truly is my passion project. I truly appreciate the positive buzz and well wishes the adult entertainment industry continues to give LUXXXE.” said Daniels.

Friends in Heat miniseries-LUXXXE Studios-2022-jrl-charts

Friends in Heat miniseries-LUXXXE Studios-2022

The original gay erotica mini-series also stars the ever-popular 2022 Grabby award winning Jake Waters, red-hot LUXXXE newcomer Matteo Nevaeh, and more.

“Buckle up, because the surprises we have in store will blow you away!” added Daniels. “Updates are forthcoming as post-production for Season One of the acclaimed and long awaited mini-series closes its Season Finale In September.” said Daniels.

Plus the original mini-series screenplay was written by 2022 Grabby Award nominee Dillon Diaz, which centers around Yurmouth’s character, Jake Carmichael.

In fact Yurmouth appeared on the WYATT! podcast, hosted by journalist, author, and radio personality, Wyatt O’Brian Evans. When asked exactly how the studio plans to stand out as a brand in the adult film industry, he stated, “LUXXXE is high-end. Our studio has a vintage feel–like in the ‘70s, ‘80s, and ‘90s; we’re integrating that vibe into 21st-century productions. ‘Friends In Heat,’ is gonna be released like a Hollywood production–with posters, teasers, trailers.”

Yurmouth emphasized, “We’re gonna bring the sexy back!”

Last Fall Yurmouth sat down for an uncut and uncensored WYATT! interview. You can review it below.

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Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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