BROOKLYN, NY — (08-29-22) — The owner of a popular adult video store in Brooklyn was hit in the head with a baseball bat during an armed robbery last Sunday morning, that also left police officers with scrapes and bruises when they tried to arrest the violent suspect.

The male suspect was allegedly stealing lingerie from the popular Video City located at 956 Third Avenue in Sunset Park, when the owner tried to stop the robber around 9:30 a.m., said police.

“The guy took the lingerie and then said he wanted to see the DVDs,” said Aruna Bevapriyi, 55, whose cousin has owned and run the store for about 20 years. “Then he put the lingerie and DVDs in a bag and tried running away.” said Bevapriyi.

The suspect then hit the clerk with the bat and started fighting with the officers who were called to the scene arrest him. The suspect got away, according to police.

A spokesperson for the Brooklyn PD said that both the Video City Store owner and officers on scene suffered minor injuries.

Bevapriyi further stated that his cousin was left with “damage” and cuts near his right cheek and two bumps on the head and was taken to a hospital to get checked out. Police collected surveillance footage from the store.

A clerk at the nearby Sunset Video told media outlets that “robberies happen all the time.” “It’s very hard to control people,” said the clerk. “People are crazy. New York is crazy and the police don’t get here on time.”

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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