HUNTINGTON BEACH, CA – (07-18-22) (PR-JRL CHARTS) – XR Brands confirmed to JRL CHARTS Pleasure Products News that the launch of several new chastity cages from kink brands Strict and Master Series. The additions include:

Master Series Chamber Silicone Chastity Cage: Available in dark (black) and red, this silicone chastity cage is soft, flexible, and velvety for a more forgiving lock-up compared to metal and plastic cages. With a “cum thru” tip for easy relief during wear, this comfier cage is ideal for extended chastity scenes and can be used by beginners and experts alike.

Master Series Lockdown Locking Customizable Chastity Cage: Available in semi-transparent black and clear, this breathable, lightweight plastic cage is perfect for chastity enthusiasts that want something more comfortable than metal. The breathable design makes it easy to clean and the secure locking system includes two keys and locks the cage in place without the need for a padlock.

Master Series Locking Stainless Steel Chastity Cage w/ 3 Rings: Made for experienced chastity players, this nickel-free, stainless steel cage is strong, durable, and secure. The downward curved shaft has an open tip so the device can be worn as long as it is comfortable. Three graduated rings around the base allow users to find the ideal fit and the included keys lock the cage in place.

Master Series Tiger King Locking Chastity Cage: This tiger-inspired chastity cage gives chastity games a kinky feline twist. Constructed with smooth, solid stainless steel for a relentless caged feeling as it covers the shaft in a tiger shaped tunnel. The open tip cage allows subs to do their necessaries when locked up, ideal for extended chastity sessions.

Strict Gates of Hell Snakecharmer Cage with D-Ring: Made with nickel-free metal and leather, this cage offers an edgy style. The largest ring slips over the shaft and both balls while smaller rings encircle the shaft along its length. The end D-ring is ideal for users who wish to attach a leash.

“Lots of shoppers are curious about chastity play and our customers are always looking for new designs and options,” XR Brands President Rebecca Weinberg said. “These new cage designs go way beyond the basic cage design to deliver something special for multiple experience and curiosity levels. There is something here for everyone, from brand new beginners to chastity pros, and we look forward to hearing what shoppers think!”

Master Series is the first and only fully merchandised and packaged line of advanced fetish and BDSM gear, giving retailers greater opportunities to expand their BDSM offerings. Quality products, eye-catching packaging, and accessible price points have made Master Series one of XR Brands’ best-selling lines.

Contact XR Brands for more information toll-free at 1+888-261-4181 | Fax: 1+714-847-9008 | EMAIL | Official Site  | Facebook | Twitter.

Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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