PHOENIX, AZ — (07-11-22) (PR-JRL CHARTS) — Entrenue is now shipping three new Tease Us special-edition toy sets from We-Vibe. Available in three varieties, the Tease Us sets give retailers romantic pleasure kits that cater to a variety of couples and lets shoppers choose their set based on their stimulation needs and desires.

For couples who both want vulvar or clitoral stimulation, the Tease Us Set (Moxie & Moxie) features two Moxie app-controlled wearable panty vibrators designed for fiery, secret, on-the-go fun.

For couples who both want penis stimulation, the Tease Us Set (Bond & Bond) features a sexy pair of Bond app-controlled stimulation rings that can be worn under clothing for discreet sensual adventures.

And for couples looking for both clitoral and penis stimulation, the Tease Us Set (Moxie & Bond) has one Moxie app-controlled wearable panty vibrator and one Bond app-controlled stimulation ring.

Both Moxie and Bond can be controlled via the We-Vibe app, allowing partners to send each other vibrations and secret stimulation.

“We-Vibe is a strong partner of ours and these gift sets are thoughtfully put together,” Entrenue CEOwner Joe Casella said. “The Tease Us kits are tastefully done and feature two of We-Vibe’s most popular vulva- and penis-centered products in clever sets designed for romantic and sexy gift giving. We expect these all-in-one pleasure sets to be strong sellers.” said Casella.

Retailers can get testers, retail kits, and eye-catching displays for We-Vibe products by contacting your account representative at Entrenue Toll Free at  1-800-368-7268 | EMAIL | Facebook | Twitter.

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