MONTREAL, QC — (07-09-22) — Zubb Media, parent company of award-winning gay pay sites Next Door Studios, Disruptive Films, Active Duty and Pride Studios, announce they are rebranding their production arm as Alpha Studio Group.

Next Door Studios-Alpha Studio Group-PR1

Next Door Studios-Alpha Studio Group

“As we added new brands to our portfolio, it quickly became clear that we needed a bigger studio name to encompass all of our projects, and Alpha Studio Group was born.” said Chief Creative Officer Jeremy Babcock. “Alpha Studio Group is dedicated to bringing exciting new projects to the gay market, and pushing the envelop in terms of the quality and creativity we can bring to gay porn.” said Babcock.

Disruptive Films-Alpha Studio Group-PR1

Disruptive Films-Alpha Studio Group

Expanding on the success of their flagship product, Next Door Studios, Alpha Studio Group embarked on their most ambitious project to date with Disruptive Films. Launched this past August and two years in the making, Disruptive Films was created in collaboration with award-winning filmmaker and Adult Time Chief Creative Officer, Bree Mills.

While Disruptive Films has yet to reach it’s one year milestone, the studio has already been honored with the coveted ‘Gay Movie of the Year’ Xbiz award for their feature film “The Last Course” written and directed by Bree Mills and starring an all-star roster of talent.

Active Duty-Alpha Studio Group-PR1

Active Duty-Alpha Studio Group

“Creating a brand new studio and launching a site in the midst of COVID was an incredible feat,” said Jessica Jasmin, Disruptive Films Pre-Production Manager. “It’s thanks to the collaboration, professionalism and passion of our creative team and directors that we were able to elevate our production to the level it’s at now,” said Jasmin.

The Alpha Studio Group team has a new product that they have been working on over the past several months which is expected to be released in the Fall.

Pride Studios-Alpha Studio Group-PR1

Pride Studios-Alpha Studio Group

“I don’t want to give away too much about this project yet except to say that it’s unlike anything else on the gay market,” added Babcock. “The director is extremely talented and brought the vision of the product to life beyond our expectations. I’m excited that we will finally be able to unveil it soon!” said Babcock.

Next Door Taboo-Alpha Studio Group

Next Door Taboo-Alpha Studio Group

Gay adult Bloggers interested in becoming an affiliate of the Alpha Studio Group can Visit Buddy Profits.

For those interested in becoming a model for one of Alpha Studio Group’s award-winning gay pay sites can Click Here.

For more information about Alpha Studio Group and their portfolio of brands, visit

Article by: Keith Witchka, Staff Writer

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