SEATTLE, WA — (06-28-22) — Slubb received a pair of favorable mentions from men’s lifestyle and culture publication Mel Magazine. In a review of the Slubb device, Mel Magazine’s Kate Sloan spotlights the history of the Slubb device and what inspired Michael and Sandro Strobel to develop the powerful pleasure product!

Sloan chronicled the details of how Slubb came to market in the United States and noted her adventures trying the Slubb toy for the first time on her cis male partner.

“I’m not gonna lie,” Sloan writes. “I was scared the first time I held the Slubb in my hands. It looked like it had the ability to chop my partner’s dick off. … But when I turned the hulking silver-and-black device on and slipped the black rubber loop at the end of it onto their shaft, I realized: This wasn’t going to hurt them. It was just going to make them come—a lot. And before too long, it did exactly that.”

You can review Kate Sloan’s review of the Slubb by Clicking Here.

On top of that review, Kate Sloan of Mel Magazine also listed Slubb as one of her top 10 vibes for privates of cis men in another article, “The Vibrators That Are Meant for Penis Pleasure.”

“It’s heavy and loud,” Sloan notes in her Top Ten list. “I mean, obviously; it’s a power tool. … But if you want very, very strong vibration, whether because you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction or just ’cause you have a ‘go big or go home’ mentality, you want the Slubb.”

Review Kate Sloan’s Top Ten Article Here.

Watch Slubb Promotional Video (2022)

Slubb-Sexual Enhancement Promotional Video-2022

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Retailers and distributors can inquirer on the Slubb by calling 1-206-337-6631 or via EMAIL.

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Article by: Andy Powell, Staff Writer

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