JERUSALEM — (06-27-22) — The country that boasts about being the most LGBTQ friendly country in the Middle East, bans Pride parade routes and gives them to anti-LGBT protesters headed by Rabbi Tzvi Kustiner.

Last week police approved a local anti-LGBTQ group known as yeshiva, to march down the same routes planned for the PRIDE Parades. Police claimed that they requested for the parade to be moved last week following supposed threats to public safety.

A petition has been filed to Israel’s High Court of Justice after the Mitzpe Ramon Gay Pride parade was banned from its original route by police while an anti-LGBTQ+ Pride parade protest was approved for it in its place.

So one has to ask, if public safety was a concern for police, why was a local header yeshiva wishing to demonstrate against the parade was granted permission to do so where the parade was originally slated to be held?

The response was condemned by the petition filers and local residents who initiated the Pride parade, who railed against how “basic human rights are being trampled on in Israel.”

“Today, the LGBT community is being overrun, tomorrow the Left and the next day the secular Israelis – and from here, one can only imagine what will happen next,” said the parade organizers to media outlets.

This comes a month after the head of a local chapter of yeshiva, Rabbi Tzvi Kustiner, spoke out against the LGBTQ+ community in a speech where he shouted “gays, go home!”

“This is the battle that I tell everyone, each one in his place. Don’t be shy. Be courageous. Where you work say ‘LGBTQ+ people, go home!’ ‘gays, go home!’” Kustiner was shown to be saying in video footage shared by KAN on twitter.

“Fight them on everything. It is our job in every place not to be ashamed of our Judaism. This crazy government, this insanity, God willing it will fall,” added the yeshiva head, with a number of students responding “Amen,” the video footage shows him saying.

Kustiner is a member of the Noam Party, headed by MK Avi Maoz. Noam is an extremist party established by members of the hard-line wing of the religious-Zionist community and allies of Rabbi Zvi Yisrael Tau, head of Yeshivat Har Hamor. Kustiner is also in lock step with the extremist of the Republican party here in the United States.

Article by: Paul Goldberg, Staff Writer

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